How Screening Tools Can Help Organizations

With the rise of COVID-19, many people are expressing numerous concerns about their safety and well-being. Communities all over the nation are experiencing increasing rates of COVID-19, and some fears that visiting businesses, senior communities, or even sending kids off to school will only increase these numbers even further. Organizations are also struggling to find a way to protect their staff, visitors, students, and residents, whether through social distancing, sanitizing, or other measures.

Eagle Intelligent Health understands how uncertain things are for people at this time. That’s why we’re providing our innovative app, which offers numerous health and wellness benefits, including an effective and efficient screening process for COVID-19.

Screening Features of the Eagle Intelligent Health App

Upon entering a business, school, or other building, users of the Eagle Intelligent Health app can answer a series of screening questions to assess their coronavirus risk. Questions can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs, or you can use the standard screening questions that we provide.

This is an essential tool for organizations all over the nation. If the person being screened exhibits symptoms of coronavirus, the facility can take the proper steps and provide guidance on quarantine, seeking medical treatment, and other essential information.

What These Features Mean for You

Vulnerable communities need help more than ever these days. Resources, which were in short supply, to begin with, are now completely inaccessible to many schools and businesses around the country. As a result, facilities are left to their own devices when it comes to protecting their staff, visitors, students, and residents. Along with the many other responsibilities facing you, having support for screening measures is a must to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to help to keep everyone in your community safer from COVID-19.

Our telehealth app aims to fill in these gaps and ensure schools, businesses, senior communities, and families can protect themselves.

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