Free COVID-19 Screening Tool

Eagle Intelligent Health recognizes the challenges organizations and schools face, particularly within Native American communities to help keep their communities safe with the rise of COVID-19. That’s why we’re proposing a solution to help businesses and schools screen and track students, visitors, and staff to help stop the transmission of COVID-19.

Our free Eagle Intelligent Health screening tool is effective, efficient, user-friendly, and accessible to all with a mobile device. We make it easier to electronically screen everyone entering your facility for symptoms and history of exposure to COVID-19, to follow the CDC guidelines. Which helps keep the employees, visitors, and students in your community safer from COVID-19.

Each organization can customize the questions they ask. They can also get an electronic log of each person and how they answered the questions so that if they could put others at risk, they are given a message customized by the facility. Facilities can see centralized data for epidemiological usage and cross-contamination data to help monitor and assess risks. And they can view or download on-demand reports as needed.

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Every person deserves access to quality health care during their lives, but visiting a doctor is often easier said than done these days. If you lack sufficient health insurance, the costs of necessary medical treatments might outweigh your needs. And even if you have insurance, the health care system where you live may be burdened by an influx of patients due to the pandemic.

What Is a Screening Tool?

This is precisely why we’ve developed our telemedicine app, which conveniently screens people for COVID-19 by asking targeted questions about symptoms, exposure, recent travel, and more. Data from these questions and answers are stored electronically, so they can be reviewed or downloaded in a report later in the event of a positive test result.

How Can It Help Within an Organization Setting?

Screening is key in the fight against COVID-19. Some organizations have opted for paper screening methods, which entails having people sign in upon entering a building. This method is ineffective and time-consuming for a multitude of reasons, from people failing to sign in upon arrival to difficulty organizing the stacks of screening questionnaires.  And in cases of infection, paper screening makes it difficult to easily identify who could have potentially come into contact with someone at your facility because you have to look through the piles of paper to find what you’re looking for. Electronic screening is far superior, since it creates a record that can be easily accessed and reports run when needed.

Why Is COVID-19 Screening So Crucial

While it’s believed the risk is greater for older adults and people with certain health conditions, children can become infected by COVID-19 and can experience serious symptoms. Even if a child doesn’t become seriously ill, he or she can still pass the virus to others if infected. This highlights the importance of proper screening and tracking to ensure the right measures are taken to help keep the entire community safe.

Eagle Intelligent Health is dedicated to helping those in need by developing high-tech health care solutions. With our app, people can rest assured that their organization is doing everything that they can to try to help keep everyone safe from possible exposures.

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